The Characters

DANNY SULLIVAN Local mechanic and ex-high school football player, Danny Sullivan, once turned to street racing in his youth to support his family. Rejecting the Devil’s offer of football fame during the State Title game in high school, he triumphs on his own terms. However, a selfless act in the past to save his girlfriend from a house fire results in severe burns to his hands and arms and the loss of his football scholarship.

SCRATCH The Devil in human form as a rockabilly greaser, instills terror in the town while preying on the vulnerable with enticing promises of fame and fortune.

BELLE Scratch’s nefarious sidekick, plays a crucial role in aiding the acquisition of souls, contributing to the sinister endeavors of their malevolent partnership.

BEZ SULLIVAN (Danny’s uncle and local farmer who struggles to raise crops but after several failed harvests, he bets the family farm and loses. He makes a deal with the Devil to win it back.

DICKIE SULLIVAN Danny’s father, an unemployed alcoholic, once played football for CC High but dropped out to marry his mother when she became pregnant (with Danny.) 

MAGGIE SULLIVAN Danny’s mother, convinced Dick is a washed-up drunk and her son Danny, a compulsive gambler, believes they are both headed for Hell. She runs off with the Righteous One in hopes she’ll be saved in the after-life.

LIBBY SULLIVAN Danny’s younger sister and runaway gets caught up in Slade’s underground  sex ring.

HONEY DELACROIX Danny’s girlfriend and the high school virgin, raised by an overprotective religious mother.

DELILAH DELACROIX Honey’s mother, a born again stripper, who has been living in poverty, ever since the death of her husband Jim Dandy.

RIGHTEOUS ONE Hypocritical local town pastor who charms all the housewives into becoming born-agains, preaching them the fruit of the spirit is love and joy.

THE SATANIC CHEERLEADERS High school cheerleaders, enticed by a sinister pact, willingly sacrificed their souls in exchange for unparalleled prowess on the cheerleading mat.

BILLY SLADE Sleazy loan shark, drug dealing thug who runs an underground sex ring. 

MAMA SLADE  Slade’s mom. Chain smoking Bible thumping Christian who truly believes the town is possessed by the Devil.

BITTER FARMER A disgruntled farmer who lost his land to Bez. harbors a deep mistrust for the locals, immersing himself in eccentric conspiracy theories and surprisingly has made contact with Lloi D’Ero. 

MARY JOHNSON Honey’s best friend who has a secret crush with Danny.

MICKEY JOHNSON Mary’s father and owner of the local tavern, borrowed money from Slade to keep his business going, but now over his head.

ANGIE JOHNSON Mary’s mother and Mickey’s wife.

PETEY JOHNSON Mary’s younger effeminate metalhead brother who’s being molested by the corrupt Sheriff. High on PCP, he brutally murders his family after he suffers a psychotic breakdown.

ROSIE JOHNSON Mary’s baby sister.

SHERIFF Corrupt pedophile cop who operates above the law, abuses his power for personal gain and pleasure.

SHE-DEVIL An embodiment of Danny’s guilty conscience, materializes as a demon temptress, tormenting his soul with relentless and haunting temptations.

HOTTIE A witch from a lineage steeped in magic, tries to warn Danny about the hidden supernatural perils lurking in their seemingly ordinary town.

MANDY The town’s roller-skating rebel who glides through life, leaving a trail of bubblegum-fueled coolness in their wake.

LLOI D’ERO The “man with no eyebrows” is a member of the enigmatic “Tall Ones,” an ancient alien race residing on Earth for eons, seldom engaging with humans unless driven by a significant purpose. Lloi pays a visit to the Bitter Farmer following the discovery of a peculiar skull on his property, signifying a momentous event in their otherworldly agenda.

KATMANDUDE Local radio station DJ and host of the Kat Show.

HOUSEWIFE  A young wife married to a powerful colonel who conducts covert operations infused with black magic and drug dealings.

SLATTERY A downtrodden vacuum cleaner salesman, makes a Faustian bargain, trading his soul for the promise of fame and fortune in a desperate bid to escape his lonely and pathetic life.

KARL A German Shepherd raised by monks and honed to detect and confront evil was adopted by Delilah after her husband’s death.

THE BLIND BLUESMAN A destitute street musician, the Blind Bluesman remains untainted by the Devil’s influence. His mysterious loss of sight serves as a testament to the enigmatic forces at play in the town.

RAT A homeless man living in darkness, Rat retains his innocence and is free from the clutches of sin. Despite his blindness, he stands as a symbol of purity in the midst of the town’s sinister dealings.

AUSTIN MOORE Missing high school student.

GEORGE DINTY Missing high school student.

The Devil

The Devil’s a shape-shifter extraordinaire, going from human to animal to downright beastly. Meet the big boss, Satan, rocking the human disguise as SCRATCH, a hellbilly greaser with attitude. Then there’s the wily RAT, representing one of the critter forms—maybe the reason behind that pesky rat infestation. And brace yourself for the apex of evil, the BEAST, a hair-raising entity that’s the stuff of nightmares.

And not to be overlooked, the seductive She-Devils, devilish temptresses personifying one of the seven deadly sins, adding an extra layer of diabolical allure to the infernal ensemble.

Something evil lurks in this town


Set in a bygone era of the last century, tube socks and roller skates were all the rage, smoking exuded coolness, AOR radio reigned supreme, comic books and bubble gum were  fun, superheroes in fantastical worlds battled evil, and muscle cars ruled the earth.

A campy, dark  cautionary tale of a young man’s journey to hell and back.


My name is Ham, like the ham radio. I know about them woods where the boys went missing. When I was about 9 or 10… or was I 11? I can’t recollect much anymore But I do know me and my dog Nelly wandered in, Nelly picked up a scent by the old Baton River. Locals call it Styx, the River Styx. Saw some shadowy folks there. My momma always said that place attracts evil. And rightfully so…because it’s the Gateway to Hell. And Hell it was I saw standing by the river that night. A man beast, was it, about 8 foot tall, hairy looking thing with skinny goat legs and black horns. His eyes were glowing devil red like he was looking for a soul to steal. Man, kinda sounds like a Charlie Daniels band, don’t it. Anyway,  Nelly barked at that thing. The beast reached down and grabbed the poor girl’s tail and swung her around like a yo-yo until her tail broke off.