Get ready for a race against the forces of evil where speed, courage and sheer lust collide. 
Engines will howl, tires will scream and temptation will sizzle. The battle for their souls is about to ignite.

From the pits of Hell, evil walks the earth

Something evil lurks in this town.

In this forgotten, rat-infested town where hope has faded, the wicked hold the keys to the kingdom. Some have turned to the seedy underworld to make a quick buck, engaging in illegal activities that perpetuate their cycle of hopelessness. Many have sought solace in religion, while others have found escape in witchcraft and sorcery.

The town is plagued by unexplained tragedies: brutal murders, suicides, and mysterious disappearances that send shockwaves through the community. As the authorities struggle to contain the situation, rumors abound about the true cause of the madness. Some blame the rat infestation that high levels of toxic chemicals have contaminated the drinking water, while others point to something more sinister at work.

But most will tell you, this town is possessed by the Devil.

Football stands as the one unifying force in this community, where the high school team serves as a beacon of hope. It provides people with a way to forget their troubles and come together to support something they truly believe in.

Comic Art Illustration By:

Vince Ray
Shawn Dickenson
Dave Cook